FAQ – ヘルプ(よくあるご質問)

FAQ – ヘルプ(よくあるご質問)

▶ Concerning Membership

① I registered an account at Heaven-Hut, why I can not login ?
Because your account is not activated .
You should email me your premium account name of Filejoker (purchased date , expiration date , premium package) , then I will check -> if OK -> I will activate your account and you can login successfully on my website.

Please follow this link : http://heaven-hut.com/membership-register/

② How many types of membership ?
There are 4 different levels : Bronze , Silver , Gold , Platinum
They correspond to the premium packages of Filejoker that you will purchase : 30days , 90days , 180days and 365days

In case you already had Filejoker premium account that did not purchase it from my affiliate, you can purchase Heaven Hut account : 60days , 90days , 180days and 365days

③ I bought a 30days package, why I can not login ?
I will not approve the 30 days premium package here (You only download my FREE Releases until your subyshare account expires 30 days). Other packages will be approved .

④ I bought a 30days package, how to be a your membership?
I advise you to upgrade your account (please buy 90 days ,180 days, 365 days -> Silver,Gold,Platinum Account ) I will accrue full membership days for you
For example : If you buy 90 days: you will get 90 + 30 = 120 membership days

⑤ I bought a 30days package, If I buy another 30days package, can I log in? and how many membership days will i have ?
In this special case, I only accept 30 membership days for you.

⑥ When will my Heaven-Hut account expire?
When your Filejoker account expires (Except 30 days premium package)

⑦ I already have a Heaven-Hut account and it expired yet .How to continue to be a your member?
Please renew your Filejoker premium account to continue as a member of Heaven-Hut
please follow this link : http://heaven-hut.com/purchase-renew-filejoker-account

⑧ I already had a Filejoker premium account and it has not expired yet, could you accept me as a your member?
You should email me your Filejoker premium account name , then I will check -> if OK -> I will activate your account and you can login successfully on my website.

In case you already had Filejoker premium account that did not purchase it from my affiliate, you can purchase Heaven Hut account


▶ Concerning upgrading or renewal Filejoker Premium account

① How to renew my Filejoker account ?
please follow this link :http://heaven-hut.com/purchase-renew-filejoker-account

② I renewed my account, when you checked my account and it was rejected? why ?
The cases  will be rejected :
– You did not renew under my affiliate link , maybe you clicked on other WEBSITES or other FILE LINKS outside heaven-hut.com
– You are already on my blacklist ( did not follow my rules)

③ If I upgraded or renewed, but did not follow your affiliate link. How do I get accepted?
I do not accept Filejoker account via links on other websites .You still enjoy at website that you previously purchased.
If you want to be a my member :
Please purchase a NEW account at here : http://heaven-hut.com/membership-register/
④ Can I buy Premium account by Bitcoin ?
Yes,of course ! There are many payment gates for you to choose like as Credit card,Paypal,Payza,Bitcoin…
If you have any problems with the payment gates ,please contact Webmaster of Filejoker or contact me ,I will always support you .


▶ Concerning Uploading request of members

① If I am a your member ,Can I ask to upload the releases?
Yes,of course ! All members except Bronze members
Attention when required Uploading
You must have specific data Links example : https://abc/filename…

② When will my requests be posted?
I will try to upload your request as soon as possible and they will be given priority upload by membership levels
(Silver – Gold – Platinum )


▶ Concerning Downloading and playing movies

① How to enjoy VIP content ?
In each category, there is a category for VIP members (ღ VIP Content ღ)
Only VIP members have access to this category ((Platinum ,Diamond members)
ღ VIP Content ღ : Includes the latest or most attractive releases

② May I use proxy to download your releases ?
NO using proxy , tor , VPS , VPN , dedicated , hosting… unless you give me a reasonable excuse. I have been trying to prevent copying my releases from other websites

③ I can not login but I still download free releases?
Yes,of course ! There are many free releases on my site . You do not need to login, but you still see the data and download them.

Please read the download instructions below :

1 – For Guest and free Users (無料会員) (30 days)


Notice : the speed is very slow for guest and free users (しかし、ダウンロード速度が非常に遅くなります)

2 – For Premium users ( プレミアムメンバーで ) [(75 days (Silver),180 days (Gold)]

Step1 :
Please Click on the words “Continue reading” :
(単語をクリック “Continue reading” )


Step 2 :
If you are not a member of HEAVEN HUT (Premium users) , you do not have permission to view the contentsof the articles


When you are a member  (which is activated by Administrator ->Premium users ) -> You will see the full contents  and download them :


3 – For VIP Users [ 365 days (platinum) ]

Case 1 : If you have not upgraded your account to VIP : You do not have access to this content !


Case 2 : Your account upgraded to VIP : You have access to this content and enjoy !


Thank you for your support!.
We are glad you have chosen to be a member of my Website and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Best regards

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